Traditional chemical herbicides like glyphosate are being banned and restricted around the world and the pressure to find more sustainable ways of doing things is at an all-time high. Organisations are struggling to carry out business as usual and are looking for a viable alternative. Weedingtech provide organisations with the most cost-effective and efficient form of herbicide-free weed control on the market, Foamstream. 

What is Foamstream?   

Foamstream is Weedingtech’s patented process. It is a unique blend of hot water insulated by a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. It is applied to unwanted vegetation using Weedingtech’s state of the art machinery. Find out more about herbicide-free weed control here.

How does Foamstream Work?  

The active ingredient in the Foamstream process is the heat in the hot water. The foam then acts as a thermal blanket to ensure the heat in the water is retained in the kill zone (57 degrees and above) on the plant for an extended period of time. This allows the heat to penetrate the plant’s waxy outer leaf layer, accelerating the transfer of thermal energy down the stem and in to the root structure, causing the plant to die or to be severely damaged. 

Foamstream also treats surrounding seeds and spores, sterilizing them leading to a net reduction in overall weed growth year on year.

Watch our process video here to see how Foamstream works when applied to vegetation.

How does Foamstream compare to other methods of herbicide-free weed control?  

Because of Foamstream’s unique insulating foam blanket, it holds the heat on the plant for longer than any other alternative method – ensuring it is not lost to the atmosphere. By doing this, it provides a more effective plant kill meaning it requires less treatment cycles per season to control vegetation than any other herbicide-free method. Read more about Foamstream vs the alternatives here.


What is the foam made of and where can Foamstream be used?

Committed to safeguarding people, wildlife and the environment, Weedingtech’s foam is created from a carefully selected blend of natural plant oils and sugars making it 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. It can be used without restriction around people, animals, delicate ecosystems and waterways and has been cleared as safe for use, non-toxic and organic by the relevant accreditation bodies in the countries in which Foamstream is used.

Can Foamstream be used for anything else apart from weed control?  

Foamstream is a multi-function solution which can be used all year round, in any weather and on any surface. Foamstream can be used outside of the weeding season as a cleaning solution for jobs such as power washing, gum removal and sanitization. Find out more about why you should use eco-friendly cleaning solutions here.

If you are interested in finding out more about the applications that Foamstream can be used for, click here.

What are the key Foamstream benefits over using glyphosate?

  • Safe to use in public spaces around people, animals and water.
  • Can be used in all weather and on any surface – this reduces costs often attributed to downtime when using glyphosate and allows better planning of labour allocation and resources.
  • No need for specialist clothing or on-going certification – reducing costs attributed to these when using traditional herbicides.
  • Foamstream delivers instantly visible results
  • Foamstream is herbicide-free

See what clients say about Foamstream by watching Weedingtech’s global testimonial video below.

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