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2018 John Deere 120 cm (47") Front Broom with Debris Catcher

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John Deere
120 cm (47") Front Broom with Debris Catcher



120 cm (47") Front Broom with Debris Catcher

Front-mounted assembly with quick changeover system, and protective break back system

Key Features
  • Easy to install
  • Fast Adjusting System
  • Dual bristle broom includes easy on- easy off debris catcher
  • Top mounted wheel high adjustment
  • Front-mount assembly with quick changeover system and adjustments
  • Broom can be angled left, right, or used in the straight-ahead position, easy with an lever from the driver seat.
  • Floating action is designed into the lift linkage, so the blade is free to follow the contour of the ground
  • Broom can be raised and lowered from the tractor seat Provides a convenient way to move light snow or other loose material
  • Wheel weights and tire chains are recommended for additional traction (sold separately)
  • rotating brushes with plastic centre, weatherproof
  • pneumatic support wheel, central and stepless support wheel setting
  • Fits to X100, X300, X500 models

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