On Sale Now: John Deere X300 Series - The Equipment You Need to Get Your Yard Ready for Anything

August 27

If you’re looking for the best mower to use in your yard year-round, the John Deere X300 Series is for you. As we head into fall, you’ll have lots of leaves to mulch, grass to cut, and fall annuals to plant in the months ahead, not to mention the winter snowfall a few months later. Here’s why we love the John Deere X300 Series Lawn Tractors - and they are on sale now at Chief Equipment.

It’s a multipurpose mower, great for every season.

Ditch your rake and use one the X300 Series machines to mulch leaves during the fall, leaving you with more time to enjoy football season. Get a snow plow attachment to add to the X300 Series and your winters will be a lot easier, too: no more shoveling, all you have to do is hop on your lawn tractor and clear the driveway. Throughout the spring and summer, the X300 Series is comfortable and easy-to-use for lawn-mowing: not to mention, a handy add on cart will make your gardening a lot easier.

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